Lenfi P2P (Aada V1) Home page consists of three base elements that help users get a quick grasp of the app’s current infographic.

TVL Overview shows the total amount of tokens locked in Lenfi P2P (Aada V1) smart contracts valued in ADA. In other words, all Cardano native assets’ value is calculated in ADA and added to the total TVL. TVL data consists of Collateral value (when the borrower creates a loan request or takes a lender request and sends collateral to a smart contract) and Lender request value (when the Lender creates a Lender request and it is shown on the Market page)

Borrowed tokens shows the tokens lent the most and their average APR. All data is shown in ADA.

The Recent transactions tab shows the list of 50 latest transactions on the page with it's date, action, and links to the cardanoscan.

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