Protocol Parameters

The protocol contains various types of parameters required for stabilized lending markets. These parameters can be grouped into three categories:

  1. Validator Parameters: These are not easily changed. They are hardcoded values, and changing them would result in a new smart contract address.

  2. Fixed Pool Parameters: These are applied to every pool at the time of its creation. The values cannot be changed for an existing pool, although every new pool can have different values.

  3. Adjustable Pool Parameters: These values can be changed at any time by the DAO.

Upon mainnet launch, the pool parameters will be controlled by the developer team. At a later stage, control will be transferred to direct DAO governance.

Validator Parameters

  • Interest rate calculation

  • Price feed expiration time and maturity

  • Token swap fee

Fixed Pool Parameters

These are fixed for every new pool created and cannot be changed.

pub type Constants {
  collateral_address: Address,
  loan_cs: AssetClass,
  collateral_cs: AssetClass,
  oracle_collateral_nft: AssetClass,
  oracle_loan_nft: AssetClass,
  lp_token: AssetClass,
  pool_nft_name: AssetName,
  pool_config_assetname: AssetName,

Adjustable Pool Parameters

Each created pool has its Config NFT, which can be adjusted at any time. Mostly it's a fee you can find details about in here. Simply put, this allows for:

  • Changing the Liquidation Threshold/Initial Collateral Ratio for every new loan

  • Setting the pool fee amount required to interact with the pool (default is 0)

  • Specifying the loan fee, which is paid to the wallet address when the loan is being repaid or liquidated

pub type Config {
  liquidation_threshold: Int,
  initial_collateral_ratio: Int,
  pool_fee: Int,
  loan_fee_details: PlatformFeeDetails,

pub type PlatformFeeDetails {
  tier_1_fee: Int,
  tier_1_threshold: Int,
  tier_2_fee: Int,
  tier_2_threshold: Int,
  tier_3_fee: Int,
  tier_3_threshold: Int,
  liquidation_fee: Int,
  platform_fee_collector_address: Address,

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