⁉️Is it safe?

Safety measures regarding the V1 protocol smart contracts

Proper smart contract maintenance is crucial in ensuring the safety of our users' funds. In this regard, the Lenfi team focused on ensuring maximum smart contract security. To achieve an objective and thorough code check, we had an external audit conducted by Vacuumlabs.

You can read a detailed analysis of the findings and solutions here.

Possible risks associated with the proper execution of the Liquidation Oracle mechanism

Fail of liquidation - There's a risk when one of three oracles unexpectedly fails to sign the transaction. The result could lead to a loss for the Lender if the collateral value drops further.

Data mismatch - Oracles can pull price feed from any pool they select. If pool prices mismatch, the oracles might not reach a collective agreement on the Collateral Ratio.

Hijacking oracle keys - Hacking all oracles and compromising the keys could allow the hacker to lend a loan and liquidate it while it's still healthy. Such an event could result in a collateral loss for the Borrower.

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