Testnet tutorial

Here is a comprehensive guide that covers all the essential actions required to operate the application effectively.
Connecting your wallet
First of all, switch to the Pre-Production Testnet network in your wallet. After that, visit testnet.lenfi.io and navigate to the "Connect" button in the upper right corner. Select your preferred wallet from the provided options and establish a connection. Once completed, you are now prepared to use the application.
Minting test ADA
To engage with the application operating on the testnet, you will require tADA (test ADA). You can receive test tokens from the Cardano faucet. The link to the faucet can be found in the "Testnet" tab. Remember to ask for "Pre-prod" network tokens in the faucet.
Minting test tokens
To gain access to the testnet and engage with its functionalities, navigate to the "Testnet" tab and click on the "Mint test tokens" button. Complete the transaction signature process, and you will receive the necessary testnet tokens shortly.
Video example: https://youtu.be/s9yl81CVu0Q
Creating a liquidity pool
To create a liquidity pool, go to the "Market" tab and click on the "Create a new pool" button. Select the supply token, collateral token, and initial liquidity amount. Sign the transaction to proceed. Moreover, you will need to deposit an additional 25 tADA to successfully create the pool, which will be included in the transaction.
Supplying liquidity to a pool
Proceed to the "Market" tab and browse through the available pools. Identify the pool that best suits your preferences and click the "Supply" button. Select the desired amount you wish to supply and sign the transaction. By doing so, you will begin earning interest, which will be displayed on the pool. Please note that the interest rate is variable and depends on the utilization rate. You will have the flexibility to withdraw your supplied funds at any time.
Borrowing from a liquidity pool
Navigate to the "Market" tab and explore the list of pools available. Locate the pool that aligns with your requirements and click on the "Borrow" button. Choose the desired borrowing amount and proceed to sign the transaction. It's important to note that the borrowing interest is predetermined at the time of taking the loan and will remain consistent throughout the loan duration. You have the flexibility to repay the loan at any time, but make sure to monitor the "Health factor" closely to prevent liquidation.
Withdrawing liquidity
If you wish to withdraw your supplied funds, locate the pool where your liquidity is stored and click the "Withdraw" button. Choose the desired withdrawal amount from the pool and sign the transaction. Your assets will be returned to your wallet shortly. The supply you wish to withdraw will include the accumulated interest earned.
Repaying a loan
Go to the "Loans" tab within the market section to access information about your outstanding debts. It's crucial to monitor the health factors of your loans to prevent liquidation. If the health factor drops to 1 or below, your position will be at risk of being liquidated. To repay your loan, click the "Repay" button. The repayment interface will display the total amount you need to repay, including the principal and the interest, along with any associated transaction fees. Sign the transaction to complete the repayment.